The Wisconsin Northwest Auxiliaries in Ministry (AIM) department is comprised of five ministries that work in conjunction to accomplish one purpose. The mission of the Wisconsin Northwest Jurisdiction COGIC AIM Department is to advance Kingdom work through spiritual enrichment, in-depth training, Christian education, family fellowship, evangelism and discipleship.

Through annual conventions of Music and Youth, Missions and Evangelism and Sunday School we bring together people of all ages from throughout the entire jurisdiction. During our annual convention, auxiliaries meet daily in separate sessions with all convening each evening for powerful preaching, praise and worship and anointed music services. These sessions and services provide teaching, training, fellowship and spiritual renewal.

For more information contact:

Elder Steven Tipton 
Sunday School

The mission of the Wisconsin Northwest Jurisdiction COGIC Sunday School Department is to educate people of all ages in the Word of God to prepare them for Christian service and leadership. In Sunday School you gain knowledge about the Word, how to apply it to your life, and how to put the Word into action by helping others.

The Sunday School functions as a training ground for the Saints. Sunday School is for every child of God, from youth to old age, who wants to learn about our Creator, our Savior and our Comforter. Sunday School provides an organized method of studying the scriptures to enhance not only our knowledge, but also our understanding of how the Word can be applied to our lives that we may be drawn closer to the likeness of our Savior. Sunday School classes provide a forum in which the students can ask questions and be led to biblical answers to those questions. We firmly believe that Sunday School is not just for children, but that EVERY Saint should be in Sunday School.

For more information contact:

Pastor Devern Suggs 

Mission Statement
Reaching out to lost souls while bridging the gap between the Church and our community; by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, and ministering to the captive, and remembering to commit ourselves to the cause of saving souls and building lives.

Scriptural Foundation
Matthew 25:35-41
Isaiah 58:1-14

  • Helping the lost to return to Christ. Preaching & teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Overcoming hunger, homelessness, and poor health through meal programs, clothing, and shoe drives, and locating shelters, and free health clinics.
  • Preparing people to support themselves through resume training, interview skills, and Word of Hope Ministries.
  • Empower people to rise above their current condition. (Home ownership Habitat for Humanity).
Beneficent Outreach Committee
Co-Chairs Mother Shirley Sellers and Mother Betty Tucker

Mission on the Move (MOM)

For more information contact:

Pastor Carlos Christian

Lady of Missions
Evangelist Barbara E. White,

Wisconsin Northwest Jurisdiction
Mission Department
P.O. Box 06154
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53206 
Music Department


“And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation. “ I Corinthians 5:18


We will strive to keep Jesus Christ as our focus lifting up HIS name and His name along through song.

We will, also stand in our roles as Levitical Priest; one body, one voice, holding on the fact that “we are better together” as set forth by our jurisdictional prelate, Bishop CH McClelland.

  • Encouragement of personal spiritual growth
  • Financial accountability to our jurisdiction
  • Consistent rehearsals for the choir and musicians, and to serve as a training platform for upcoming musicians and choir directors
  • To equip the lead singer with voice training and techniques to effectively minister in song
  • Serving as role models in our dress apparel at ALL state choir rehearsals
  • To be supportive of all jurisdictional services as designated by our jurisdictional leader
  • To serve as role models to encourage others to fulfill leadership roles as they become available in their local church, district and state choir
  • Respect those that are in charge of this choir ministry at all times
  • To treat one another with respect as we ourselves would like to be treated
For more information contact:


Minister of Music

Sister Norma Mack 
Education Department 

Mission Statement
The mission of the Wisconsin Northwest Jurisdiction Department of Education (WNJDE) is to empower students and parents to achieve their highest educational potential by providing information and resources; thereby, committing to the realization of their human potential-spirit, soul and body.

Goal Statement
The primary goal of the Wisconsin Northwest Jurisdiction Department of Education is to help young people excel and to achieve their personal educational aspirations.

Church Representatives
The Wisconsin Northwest Jurisdiction Department of Education is requesting that each church select a representative, who is faithful to the ministry and committed to education, to be the contact person who will work with the WNJDE. Representatives are responsible for attending quarterly meeting, relaying information to the church, and conducting training workshops for the church.

For More Information Contact:

Lady Jean Davis

Vice Chairperson
Rose Coppins, PH.D.
Evangelism Department 


The Department of Evangelism exists to provide structure for the outreach efforts of the Church Of God In Christ through its evangelists and local churches. Seeking the empowerment of the Holy Ghost, evangelists and local churches extend the Kingdom of God by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations.

Seeking the saving of lost souls around the world, the Department of Evangelism serves as the agency for organizing, training, accountability, unifying, fellowship, equipping and resourcing evangelists and local churches in the Church Of God In Christ, in the area of evangelism and serves as the networking source for greater strategic impact.

For More Information Contact:


Elder Sean Tatum

Elect Lady
Evangelist Rose Carson 
Youth Department 

The mission of the Wisconsin Northwest Youth Department is to create a culture of worship among our youth. We endeavor to instill godly principles and values within them that will be executed today and into the future. We desire to teach them to live in a way that will leave a positive legacy and demonstrate the power of the church.
Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.
-Psalms 8:2

For More Information Contact:

Elder Jermaine Smith


Sister Dortha Harris
Family Initiatives 

  • Our Families
  • Our Churches
  • Our Communities
  • Mini
  • Biblical Principles
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Societal Dynamics
  • Societal Dynamics
  • Spiritually
  • Mentally
  • Physically
/// Prayer/Fasting/Word of God

What We Provide
  • Community Resources
  • Workshops
  • Trainings
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Mentoring
  • Family Events
  • Outreach Development
  • Historical Awareness
  • Personal Awareness
  • Healthy Relationships Classes
  • Fatherhood Gatherings
  • Family Biblical Principles
Family Initiative Committee Members
  • Pastor Bennie & Mother Mattie Allen »» Greater Little Hill COGIC
  • Pastor Vernon & Sister Lisa Crawley »» Bethel Temple COGIC
  • Brother Benjamin & Sister Vickie Doss »» Greater Grace Temple COGIC
  • Brother Rickey & Sister Patrice Hall »» Temple of Judah
  • Brother Clarence & Mother Carrie Murrell »» Holy Cathedral COGIC
  • Deacon Marvin & Sister Joann Tatum »» Mason Temple COGIC
  • Pastor Chris & Sister Kim Tolbert »» Jabez COGIC
Evangelist Barbara E. White, Chair
Ebenezer COGIC or 414-232-0314 (cell)


Mother Bessie Gray, Ebenezer COGIC
Dr. Marica Tipton, Holy Cathedral COGIC

/// New Members Are Welcome