Mother Grace Ann Harris, PH.D.
Supervisor Department of Women Northwest Wisconsin Jurisdiction

Mother Grace Harris was installed as Jurisdictional Supervisor for the Department of Women Wisconsin Northwest Jurisdiction in 2003.

Previous to her elevation as Jurisdictional Supervisor she served as the Chairperson of the Department of Women assisting the late Jurisdictional Supervisor, Mother Ernestine A. Tatum for 11 years. Prior to this role, she served faithfully as the State Minister of Music; Vice President of the State Mission’s Department, and Dean of the Wisconsin Northwest Women’s Department Training Program.

Mother Harris serves in ministry at the Christ Temple Church of God In Christ, where she works with the educational ministries, the missionary’s board, pastor’s & wife appreciation committees, the mother’s board along with being the leader for praise and worship and serving as one of the pastoral assistants.

Her work & educational accomplishments includes a Bachelor Degree in Psychology; Masters of Science Degree in Counseling and Guidance both from Indiana University and a Doctorate in Educational Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

She has received numerous awards and citations from the church, local community, and the secular world: and most recently was awarded the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Wisconsin Northwest Department of Missions, and the 2008 prestigious Milwaukee Times Black Excellence Awards in the area of religion.

Mother Harris serves on the National Department of Women Education Committee, the Circle Number Two Supervisor’s Seminar Committee and was recently appointed to serve on the National Publishing Board of the Church of God In Christ.

Dr. Harris has over 30 years of experience in higher education retiring from full time employment from the Waukesha County Technical College as a counselor. She remains as a part time faculty member at the Milwaukee Area Technical College and the Waukesha County Technical College. She continues to be in high demand as a prolific speaker and corporate leadership development and cultural diversity trainer.

Through the favor of God and his providential will, Mother Harris was blessed to be one of the speakers at the 2013 International Women’s Convention in Orlando Florida. Because of her unique background and her passion for helping young women succeed; she volunteers her time, skill and academic knowledge at one of the alternative high schools where she is piloting her Diamond Cover Girls Mentoring Program for high risk girls.

She is married to Deacon George Harris and became parent to seven children, twenty grandchildren and ten great grand children. Mother Harris is a nurturer and lover of people and has an extreme gift of hospitality. She is an anointed evangelist, speaker, teacher and psalmist, writer; some have said that she helps to “change the atmosphere” whenever she is there.
Auxiliary / Bands Units Presidents/ District Missionaries 

Executive Staff
  • Mother Juanita Stokes »» Assistant State Supervisor Department of Women
  • District Missionary Joann Hackney »» Executive Board Chair
  • District Missionary Daisy Burton »» Advisor Board Chair
  • District Missionary Loretta Madison »» Auxiliary/Bands Units Chair   
  • Benevolence Committee »» Evangelist Connie Brooks
  • Board of Examiners »» Evangelist Rose Carson
  • Christian Women Council »» Deaconess Missionary Mary Brooks
  • Couples Ministry »» Deaconess Missionary Lonnie Allen
  • Daughters of Naomi(Widows Ministry) »» Mother Georgia Allen & Evangelist Patricia Genous
  • Elders & Ministers Wives »» Mother Cora Pugh
  • Executive Hospitality »» Sister Bonnie Hughlett
  • Hospitality »» Sister Crystal Griffin
  • Marshall »» Mother Hattie Henderson
  • Mothers Board »» Mother Lucyle Scott
  • Nurses Unit »» Sister Nancy Wynn
  • Pastor’s Wives Circle »» Lady Prentiss McClelland
  • Prayer Warrior/Prayer Captain »» Evangelist Jo Genous
  • Public Relations »» Deaconess Missionary Cheryl Kinlow
  • Special Projects »» Mother Arvis Kinlow
  • Sunshine Band »» Deaconess Missionary Melissa Davis
  • Usher Board »» Sister Mildred Lewis Woodson
  • Women In White Coordinator »» Lady Mattie Allen
  • YWCC »» Lady Jacqueline Christopher
  • Mothers Board »» Mother Lucille Scott
  • Jurisdictional Supervisor’s Armor Bearer »» Evangelist Vickie Jackson
  • District Missionaries without Charge »» Missionary Connie Brooks & Missionary Cora Pugh

District Missionaries

  • Canaan District »» District Missionary Daisy Burton
  • Calvary District »» District Missionary Loretta Madison
  • Bethel District »» District Missionary Lois Suggs
  • Bishop Allen District »» District Missionary Dora Clements
  • Brotherly Love District »» District Missionary Juanita Edwards
  • Jabez District »» District Missionary Sarah Fouse
  • Trinity District »» District Missionary Kim Tolbert
State Chairladies
  • Youth Chairlady »» Sister Dortha Harris
  • Evangelism »» Evangelist Rose Carson
  • Sunday School Field Representative »» Evangelist Billie Mann
  • Missions Chairlady »» Evangelist Barbara White